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In order to provide our clients the highest level of HOA and COA management service possible, we at Matrix Association Management, have made a commitment to stay at the forefront of technology. To that end, we have spent a considerable amount of time and resources researching and testing the many options for advancement in the Property Management Software marketplace.  Our main goals were:

  • Simplicity of use by our Condominium Owner and Homeowner Clients
  • Full transparency for the Association Board Members
  • Flexibility to serve the differing needs of each unique Association
  • The highest levels of security available for our Homeowners

We found our solution in Caliber Property Management Software.

This software allows our Homeowners to make payments directly to their accounts and access all their other information, all in real-time. In addition, Board Members may review Accounts Payable, Violations, Delinquencies, and Governing Documents.  We have found Caliber’s security and round-the-clock service to be unparalleled in the industry.  We hope that you will enjoy the benefits of this technology.  In keeping with our goals, we hope that you will be generous in sharing your feedback and recommendations for how we can continually improve upon our technology.

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HOMEOWNERS:  We do all the set up work for you.  All you have to do is look for your set up letter in the mail and you will be able to log right on, update your information, find your HOA documents, track payments, make payments.  In addition you may receive notices of upcoming meetings, submit common area service requests find documents and tips on living in a common interest development.

BOARD MEMBERS:  You will now have the ability to track invoicing, maintenance issues, violations and more online at any time.  In addition you can view governing documents and find tips on managing one of the biggest responsibilities you will ever carry….your Homeowners Association.

MATRIX QUALITY VENDORS:  In addition, because we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence we are extremely proud to have created a business alliance with Insurance Tracking Services (ITS).  This unique technology allows us to assure our clients that the qualifications of the companies that serve our communities share our commitment excellence and customer satisfaction.  Through this alliance we can provide the peace of mind that our clients crave and we demand.

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