Kudos from Customers

We’d like to thank you for taking care of our porch front landscaping.  Last week the landscapers came and planted 4 plants as discussed, and that little foliage has made our porch nook retreat so pleasant during these summer evenings.  We thank you much for your patience, follow ups and support regarding this service request.”

– Haimanti and Vengata Guruswamy, Homeowners

We have lived in a number of communities with HOAs and property management companies.  Elizabeth Loveton with Matrix Association has been consistently responsive to our questions and service requests.  She gets the job done!  I speak from experience when I say that such extraordinary customer service is rare in this day and age! ”

– Jonathan Blair, Homeowner at Amador Pointe

You have been wonderful to work with, helping me every step of the way.”

– N. Siddique – Lakeshore Financial Inc

Matrix is very dedicated to getting the jobs done in a timely manner.”

– J. Andres-Resident

Mr. Szaky, I want to thank you for the quick and polite response to my maintenance issues (leaking ceiling).”

– M. Lee – Resident

Matrix is by far the most professional property management our association has worked with.  The staff is detailed in their work, well-informed in their field, and proactive as issues emerge.  We have relied on their expertise and experience.”

– C. MacNulty-Board President

It has been great working with the Matrix staff over the past couple of years that I have been on the board.  I have really appreciated how responsive you’ve been to any of our issues that have come up.  In particular, the pump station issues come to mind here, and it has been really helpful to have Matrix be able to respond so quickly (even late at night and on the weekends) to get the service we needed.  The regular grounds walks that you hold are insightful for our maintenance planning purposes especially when joined with the creative solution ideas that you bring to the table.  These are both areas where you have gone above and beyond my expectations.  It has been a pleasure working with you.”

– Lynn B.-Secretary – Oak Court HOA

I know when I get busy and do have time to respond to calls or emails you will take care of it.  You did an awesome job with the email below and handled it beautifully.  Thanks again for everything you do.”

– J. Stewart. – Board Member

I would like to say that the work being done at Laguna Oaks is really starting to make the place look beautiful.  I cannot thank the person that came up with the idea of extending the drain outlet in the upstairs unit’s patio enough.  It helps to prevent water from dripping on my own patio.  I really can see the difference Matrix has made since you’ve taken over.”

– R. Daniels-Laguna Oaks Homeowner

As a real estate broker, we commonly help buyers purchase homes within associations.  We are routinely working with association managers to better understand what our clients are buying into.  Some association managers are ok, some are awful, but most behave as though our contact is a simple inconvenience to them.  Our recent experience working with Matrix Association Management for a client was exceptional.  They were eager to help our client get the information she needed to feel confident with her purchase.  Most homeowners dislike their HOA…maybe they should try Matrix.”

– Bill Joyce- Broker (www.SacramentoBill.com)

I am happy to tell others the wonderful service that Matrix has provided the homeowners and renters at Laguna Oaks Condos.  I purchased my home approx. 1 year ago to be close to my Grandmother who has owned in this community for over 10 years.  They have had their ups and downs with the previous management teams, and we both agree that Matrix is the best team that the community has had to date.  The grounds are beautiful, and I am very happy that when an issue arises it is handled in a timely manner.  In conclusion, both my Grandmother and I feel very safe and confident that our homeowner’s needs are being met by our manager, and the entire team at Matrix.  Thank you for your diligence and hard work, it is truly appreciated.”

– T. Bruns-Board Member

I am pleased to have had the homeowners trust and the knowledge that Matrix provided where I could vacate my board position knowing Oak Court’s immediate and long-term affairs were in excellent order.  I can honestly say Matrix made the board’s job much easier.”

– K. Easton-Former Board Member

We got the loan approval within 3 hours of submitting the documents you sent.  So another big “Thank You” for all your help.  Hopefully, the buyer and seller will both sign today and we can close this one out!  Have a great weekend.”

– M. Olmstead-Broker

Just wanted to drop a note to say that Richard at Matrix seems to be doing a great job moving things along at Panoramic.  I appreciate his identification of the issues and timely follow up.   As you know we’ve got our challenges at the property and having somebody actively engaged in driving for completion will really help.”

– J. Griswold-Board Member

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