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Matrix is always on the lookout for qualified, talented individuals to join our team and help us continue to reshape what expert association management service looks like.

We strive as a company to improve the quality of our services every moment we can, and we help achieve this through rigorous self-assessment and on-going professional training.  We firmly believe that our commitment to providing exceptional client service is the key to our success.

If you’re guided by integrity, a hard worker, and someone who is looking to make a difference, then look below at the positions we have available.  If you feel there’s a strong fit with the role and responsibilities, we invite you to apply.  If we don’t have a job open right now that fits your background and skill set yet you’d like us to keep your resume on file, send it over to us.

Either way, email your single-page cover letter and resume (no more than two pages in length) to  Make sure your cover letter references the specific job/position you are interested in.




We currently have two positions immediately available at Matrix: Association Manger, and Maintenance Person.  Job profiles are shown below.


For the Association

  1. To bring to fruition the objectives of the Board of Directors.
  2. To establish optimal conditions to maximize the efficiency of vendors serving the association.
  3. To assist the various committees inherent in the association to be as effective as possible.
  4. To preserve, protect and enhance property values within the association.
  5. To assist, as much as possible, to create a sense of community within the association.
  6. To provide timely response to residents, board members, vendors or any other entity needing to conduct business in any way with the client.

For Matrix Association Management/Matrix Real Estate Services, Inc.

  1. Review any pertinent contracts, including management agreement to familiarize herself/himself terms and conditions.
  2. To insure the client relationship with the various association accounts which have been assigned to him/her flourishes and continues.
  3. To perform, diligently and in a timely manner, any services that are not included in the “ordinary” scope of management services as outlined in the management agreement.
  4. To accurately “track” such services and report said time to the company.
  5. To interface with the current bookkeeping company for any issues requiring their services.
  6. To maintain a high standard of professional conduct befitting management as determined by the CACM Code of Ethics and Company Policy.
  7. Interface with any and all vendors used by the company for services to the company and its clients.
  8. Shall be in the office physically at least 30 hours per week.


The Association Manager will be required to perform the following tasks as part of her/his “normal” duties.

Board Meetings

  1. Attend all regularly scheduled board meetings, the frequency of which is specified in the Management Agreement.
  2. Attend any unscheduled meeting as requested by the board.
  3. Track any extracurricular activities (i.e. extra long board meetings, meeting with, and/or supervising vendors, numerous emergency visits, landscape walks, committee meetings, etc.)
  4. Submit billing for this additional time by the (3rd) day of the month.
  5. Take minutes at meetings. Prepare “draft” version within (72) hours after meeting. Publish the minutes in accordance with the procedure approved by the board.
  6. Work with the primary association contact (usually the President) to establish the agenda for the next B.O.D. meeting.
  7. Prepare an accurate task list within (24) hours after completion of the minutes.

Annual Meetings

  1. Attend (1) annual meeting per year. (Note; If this meeting was cancelled for any reason and you actually attended, set up the next meeting in accordance with the directions in the governing documents-the second meeting is billable time)
  2. Take minutes at the meeting. Develop and retain a copy of the minutes for the next meeting.
  3. Provide a copy of the minutes to the Board within (72) hours of the meeting date.
  4. Help the Board identify an “inspector of elections” to handle the tally of the votes and ballots. (Note: We can perform this function)
  5. Assist the customer service or administrative representative to prepare and to mail out the ballots. Coordinate the content of the ballot with the Board representative/Inspector of Elections and make certain that the packet is mailed in a timely manner.
  6. Assist in handing out materials to members as they arrive.
  7. Prepare a statement for the President to read at the commencement of the meeting.

Board Packet

Approximately (5) days prior to the scheduled Board meeting, prepare and distribute a packet of information that contains the following material.

  1. Cover sheet
  2. Index (with page numbers for each item)
  3. Meeting Agenda
  4. Copies of Minutes of the prior B.O.D. meeting.
  5. Financial Statements for all periods prior to the meeting and which are developed after those statements last approved by the board.
  6. Manager’s Report (see next item for more complete detail of this document)
  7. Copies of any correspondence from members/ Management’s response (if applicable)
  8. Architectural Applications
  9. Requests for Action by the Association’s collection agent that require Board approval.
  10. Copies of any vendor bids or proposals requiring Board approval.
  11. A copy of collection report
  12. Any checks that may require signature (including reserve funding checks).
  13. Copies of pertinent e-mails (along with the manager’s response.
  14. Violation History Report
  15. Work Order History Report
  16. The packet is to be emailed to the board not later than (5) days prior to the meeting.
  17. NOTE: Management does not sign any contracts on behalf of the association, with the exception of small maintenance contracts and those specifically approved in writing by the board. It is the Board’s responsibility to evaluate bids and determine to whom the contract is awarded. The designated member of the board (President or Secretary) will then execute the contract.
  18. Take the Association Binder to each meeting to assist you and the board as a reference when needed.

Manager’s Report/ Manager’s Functions

The manager’s report is the primary tool not only for informing the board of directors about events that have transpired since the last Board meeting.  (From the perspective of the management firm, it demonstrates (or potentially not) how effectively the individual manager and the firm overall are doing their respective jobs)

  1. After generating a task list, track each item on it until the function required in it is completed.
  2. Report the status of items completed in the next management report presented to the board.
  3. When appropriate, recommend that the board retain a consultant with appropriate credentials (engineer, architect, project manager) to help analyze capital improvement projects, or any other significant improvement or repair project, and to create work specifications for vendors to bid on.
  4. Point out the advantages for Pinnacle Residential Services (general contractors license, work quality, cost advantages, ability to interact with residents, etc.)
  5. Utilize every opportunity to cross sell our services. (i.e. maintenance, reserve study preparation, DRE budgets)
  6. Assist the board in drafting rules and regulations. Suggest that the draft be reviewed by the association’s legal counsel.

Required Knowledge

  1. As a manager of a portfolio of “common interest” properties, the individual should have a basic knowledge of the Davis- Sterling Act, and business practices in the common interest development industry.
  2. Do NOT EVER do two things. One is offer the board legal advice, you are not an attorney, and secondly, do not pretend to know something when you really do not. You gain far more credibility and preserve respect by indicating that you do not know the answer but will get back to them.)
  3. Read, understand, and master general information contained in the association’s governing documents. If you have a question, consult with upper management, or legal counsel. Aside from the CC&R’s, By-Laws, and Articles of Incorporation, this includes any rules, policies, and regulations governing each association in your portfolio.
  4. Know where to find specific information that may impact a discussion generated at the board meeting about a certain issue.
  5. Be familiar with the management contract in place at the time to be able to recognize work that may be necessary but that is not a part of the agreement, and therefore, subject to additional fees.

Office Operations

  1. Work with office staff as efficiently as possible. Delegate those tasks that compete with work that has a higher priority. In any case, make certain that all necessary work is completed in a timely manner.
  2. Answer resident requests and/or assistance in a timely manner. Cooperate with office staff to assure that they have a clear knowledge of what priorities exist for any particular association client.
  3. Return phone calls/e-mails within (24) hours.
  4. Assist office staff to maintain files and pertinent data base information on all associations in the portfolio.
  5. Assist office staff to mail such items as newsletters, election materials, special meeting packets, etc. in a timely and correct manner.
  6. The office should develop and maintain an “Association Binder” which contains the following:
    • List of Board Members, List of Current Vendors (Note: This document is called the “Bible”)
    • The complete set of governing documents- CC&R’s, By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation.
    • Rules, Regulations, and Policies.
    • Minutes
    • (2) Months Financial statements
    • Map of the Complex
    • Primary Vendor contracts (including the current management agreement)
    • List of current owners
    • Current Budget
    • Reserve Analysis
    • If required by the management agreement, write and edit the newsletter. Have this mailed with the assessment statements in order to save money. It should not be more that one page-double sided. Most associations may require this quarterly.

These duties are subject to change at the discretion of the company and the current needs of the clients of the company. Any additional task required may be assigned as needed. If in the sole discretion of the company, these duties require change, then said changes shall be communicated the manager in writing.

# # #


JOB PURPOSE: From ground level, and visual review, provides project inspection services by visiting client sites and monitoring present conditions at the property relative to necessary maintenance that may be required with particular emphasis on any obvious safety issues, and communicating any observed issues to Matrix staff in writing on the appropriate form(s). Also, in the capacity of a maintenance person, to document any simple problems and contact Matrix staff for permission to do work. Take a photo “before” repair is attempted and after said repair is completed to document work done.


  • Visits client locations for the portfolio managed by Matrix Association Management.
  • Directing resident inquiries to appropriate management or clerical or persons at Matrix.
  • Assesses condition of client site for needed maintenance. Examples of such include (but are not limited to) missing or broken fence boards, broken or missing light fixtures, damaged or missing signs, obvious trip hazards, etc.)
  • Make certain that all work is documented through a work order issued by Matrix staff.
  • When requested to do so, greet vendors on site to allow access or to monitor and report on projects or ongoing work on behalf of Matrix or the portfolio manager.
  • When requested to do so, visit and/or inspect individual residences for Association clients for any problems that may have been reported.
  • Interface with any Matrix staff required to complete any assigned tasks that may arise.
  • Assist in record keeping process by filling out inspection forms and taking photos when necessary to allow for the issuance of work orders for association clients.
  • Be responsible to maintain tools/equipment provided by Matrix in such a manner as to minimize loss and damage to said equipment.
  • Maintain an inventory of tools and/or equipment provided by Matrix.
  • Willing to attend classes and/or educational workshops to improve skills.
  • Practice proper resident communications and maintain a professional demeanor when addressing any individual residents on client sites.
  • Maintain a professional appearance, by dressing in proper clothing, and maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Contributes to team effort and philosophy by accomplishing assigned tasks and assisting team members as needed.
  • Organize work schedule and site visits to maximize efficiency. Use a “circle” route to visit assigned Association clients.
  • Consistent attendance, punctuality, and mature work ethic as evidenced by taking ownership of responsibilities, tasks, and aggressively pursuing their successful completion.
  • Adherence to company policies and procedures.
  • Active participation in company staff meetings.
  • Must have a working vehicle, insurance and valid California driver’s license, along with the ability and willingness to drive to work
  • Be bondable.
  • Other duties and/or tasks as assigned-job description may change with company needs and growth
  • Handle and protect sensitive and confidential personal data regarding clients.
  • Follow safety procedures and any safety program or policy provided by Matrix Association Management.
  • Be able to lift 50 pounds comfortably.


Proactive work ethic. Basic computer skills as evidenced by a working understanding of, and rudimentary proficiency in, Microsoft Word and Excel. Must have an ability to organize and manage workflow and be able to handle a diverse work load and ever-changing priorities. Have the basic skill to walk through a site and determine what issues might require attention in terms of basic repairs and/or present an obvious safety hazard to residents. Effective communication through the use of spoken and written English. Must be discreet, trustworthy, dependable, diplomatic, and personable.  Self- motivated, detail oriented, and good interpersonal and organizational skills are needed.

Be familiar with basic tools and their function.

Be able to use basic tools such as tape measure, hammer, wrench, electric screw gun,

(NOTE: All statements are intended to provide a general description of the job and are not meant to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties or skills. Reasonable accommodation will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.


Must have a high school diploma with a preference for an A.A. degree


A minimum of two (2) years of relevant work experience required.


# # #




Professional Designations

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